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OptaSense production monitoring services add critical mass in your production efforts by allowing you to monitor in-flow along the production zone, artificial lift performance, and wellbore integrity for the life of your asset.

Production Monitoring Services

Production Profiling delivers the data necessary to maximize your asset value by improving operating efficiency, optimizing your completion design and lowering development costs. The key to production optimization is gaining a complete understanding of flow patterns through reservoir monitoring and data analysis. Unlike other conventional production monitoring methods, the OptaSense Production Monitoring Service lets you visualize inflow and axial flow along the entire wellbore, in real time, at the perforation level, for the life of the asset. By using an optical fiber clamped to the casing or production tubing, the Production Profiling service offers non-intrusive data acquisition for continuous logging and on-demand surveys, without interrupting production, at a significantly lower cost compared to conventional production logging.

Complex instrumented wells have a variety of devices that control inflow and overall well dynamics. The broadband nature of fiber-optic measurements enables the surveillance of each of these devices. Our real-time data processing enables the extraction of specific signatures from in-well devices like valves or orifices. By applying data science to the continuous distributed sensing stream, OptaSense provides diagnostics of the various processes taking place within the wellbore.


The OptaSense Well Interference Profiling Service can quantify production, detect well inflow regions in the profiles and identify well interference locations accurately down to the individual cluster level. It provides full wellbore spatial illumination for better understanding of the reservoir dynamics.


OptaSense’s Production Monitoring Service provides data collection distributed along the entire well from TD all the way to the surface. This surveillance is a superior source of information and  provides insight into the workings of any artificial gas lift system. Unlike conventional methods, it not only can determine the liquid level in the annulus, but also quickly identify malfunctioning individual valves as well as determine the overall efficiency of the gas lift design by monitoring the unloading process. The collected data enables the optimization of gas lift design and the subsequent increase of overall production rates. Furthermore, any interventions can be targeted directly towards the valves needing replacement.

For pump driven lift systems, e.g. ESPs, the fiber-optic data can monitor the frequency behavior of the pump motor, identify cavitation onset created by unexpected gas formation, and subsequently enhance the life of the equipment.

OptaSense Leak Detection Service provides an immediate assessment of anomalous conditions within the conduit (well, pipeline, etc.). Leak detection is a vital part of optimizing the production flow, preventing possible crossflow and contamination from and into the non-targeted reservoir, identifying detrimental pressure spikes in the annuli and quickly identifying the severity of undesired flow paths that could lead to environmental disasters. Having fiber-optic data from along the whole well up to the surface provides the required knowledge to act quickly and decisively when necessary. Using both DAS and DTS data, possible flow paths can be determined based on acoustic, strain and pressure change as well as microseismic.

OptaSense Geothermal Monitoring Service and solutions are tailored to geothermal assets targeting well and pump integrity, production and injection proficiency and reservoir surveillance. We apply novel, low cost, distributed fiber optic sensing measurements to diagnose issues and provide actionable insight for improved of well and field performance for field assessment and heat production operations.


OptaSense is focused on providing fiber optic monitoring solutions to keep subsea components of umbilicals, risers and flowline lasting the lifetime of your asset. We focus on continuous health monitoring to provide advanced warning of degradation or failure occurrences that allow for timely actions to efficiently manage OPEX cost and with reduced production deferment.

OptaSense’s cutting edge SAGD solutions allow the operator to actively measure inflow along the lateral, understand flow control devices and slotted liners, detect pump failures, and monitor steam conformance and reservoir depletion via Seismic Tomography and Vertical Seismic Profiling.


Production Flow Monitoring reduces time to production

Why waste time and money performing well interventions when there’s a solution that won’t interfere with production and profitability. OptaSense Oilfield Services’ Production Flow Monitoring is a cost-effective alternative that delivers on-demand monitoring for the life of your asset.

Leveraging fiber, permanently installed to the casing, tubing or deployed using coiled tubing, our production flow monitoring service reduces the risk and interruption associated with conventional production logging, not to mention the reliance on hard to interpret and difficult to deploy production logging tools.

Using innovative Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) technology, this service pinpoints non-producing zones to improve future completion design or re-stimulation programs. With this insight you can enrich your reservoir model by evaluating the long term reservoir response to completion and production applications.

Understand production at the perforation level

Struggling with inconsistent production? Production can vary well to well, even stage to stage. OptaSense Production Flow Monitoring uses DAS technology to assess flow behavior across the length of your wellbore, at the perforation level. With this insight you can identify perforations contributing to production in real time, as well as quantify flow through each perforation and/or port.

Monitor production for the life of the well

Leveraging permanently installed fiber and topside DAS equipment, our service provides on-demand flow profiles of your well. Flow data is generated at each perforation cluster and historical waterfall data is recorded and processed. With repeat measurements, this information can be used to monitor the effectiveness of each perforation entry point, throughout the life of your well.

Enable predictive maintenance

This service provides the condition monitoring necessary to support predictive maintenance and lower lifting costs by listening to production flow across artificial lift valves and pumps. With this knowledge, you can monitor the health of the electrical submersible pumps, identify relevant flow regimes and confirm the opening and closing of gas lift valves. Furthermore, our technology can assist in the confirming the proper function and activation of a wide range of smart well completion equipment


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