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Earthquake Monitoring

Unlocking Precision with Luna Interrogator Units: Your Ultimate Fiber Optic Earthquake Monitoring Solution

When it comes to fiber optic, earthquake and seismic monitoring, precision is the key to success. Luna Innovations DAS Interrogator Units stand at the forefront of seismic monitoring networks, offering unparalleled capabilities for your seismic needs.

Long-Range Sensitivity for Seismic Excellence

Our Interrogator Units are renowned for their exceptional sensitivity and extensive reach. Equipped with real-time processing and streaming capabilities, they are the ultimate instruments for monitoring earthquake-prone regions, as well as areas susceptible to induced seismicity or microseismic activity.

Flexible Event Detection and Data Streaming

Whether you prefer event detection at the edge or remote data analysis, our systems provide the information you need. Our technology seamlessly integrates with earthquake warning systems and existing sensor networks, ensuring a smooth and efficient monitoring experience.

Adaptable Across All Terrains

Our earthquake/induced seismicity monitoring solution is incredibly versatile. It can be deployed with land, submarine, downhole, or glacial cables, making it suitable for various environments and applications.

Outperforming Conventional Seismic Networks

The sensitivity and event detection capabilities of Luna’s monitoring solution set new industry standards. We excel in detecting smaller magnitude events and handling higher event counts, even in the most challenging environments filled with various forms of coherent noise. Our instruments have been validated against industry accepted seismic networks of broad band seismometers, short period instruments as well hydrophones and ocean bottom seismometers.

Satellite image Eastern Sierra range.

The Components of Excellence

Our earthquake monitoring solution comprises:

  • State-of-the-Art Interrogator Units: These units can seamlessly connect to dedicated fiber optic networks or leverage existing dark fiber infrastructure within cities and along roads.

  • Edge Processing: Experience real-time earthquake detection, analysis, and reporting right at the source.

  • Data Streaming Mastery: Our cutting-edge data streaming software translates edge diagnostics into data streams that effortlessly integrate into earthquake warning systems, which traditionally include other networks of short and long period seismometers.

Unparalleled Monitoring Capabilities

Our earthquake and seismicity monitoring solution extends its reach to the detection of natural earthquakes, teleseismic events, and small magnitude induced or microseismic events – even within extremely noisy environments.

Choose Luna for the ultimate fiber optic monitoring experience. Elevate your seismic monitoring capabilities and ensure the safety and resilience of your earthquake-prone regions. Discover the power of precision with us today.

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