OptaSense is committed to providing long-term support to distributed fiber-optic sensor systems through a range of balanced service packages that combine both technical support, services management and a framework that is focused on system uptime, maintainability and life of asset support.

Our support options are tailored to the client needs through a collaborative approach, drawn from a deep understanding of the system design, implementation and operation, providing both efficient and cost-effective support.

The range of services provides the foundation of support from which we can build a customized and tailored support package. OptaSense welcomes the opportunity to discuss the range of services available and to produce a Support Framework proposal for further discussion.

Recognizing the importance of system integrity, OptaSense has defined standards that apply to the supply, support and maintenance of the equipment. The OptaSense Support Services mission statement states the following main aims:

  • To minimize risk to personnel, the environment, and assets by maintaining safe and reliable systems of work
  • To prevent loss attributable to the support systems
  • To minimize planned downtime
  • To maximize system availability through competence
All our services are backed by qualified, trained, support and field service engineers. A comprehensive range of training courses, tailored to the customer’s individual needs is also available, either at our in-house training suite or at the customers chosen location(s). Our dedicated Service, Spares and Repairs team will cater for all spare parts and repair needs.

Maximize Your Fiber-Optic System Availability

Get the most out of your fiber-optic monitoring system!

Support packages tailored to meet your business criticality

Each of the discrete elements below can be packaged to provide a framework that is truly tailored to suit the needs of your business, providing support that is both flexible and responsive to the changing business dynamic.

support services for OptaSense fiber-optic monitoring system

Global Support Centers

With OptaSense’s network of Global Service Support Centers, your service needs can be quickly addressed and routed to the right expert with product and services knowledge to expedite resolution.

24/7 Call Centers
On-Duty Technical Staff
Reduced System Downtime
OptaSense Global fiber-optic monitoring system Support Services Map
OptaSense Global fiber-optic monitoring system Support Call Center Icon

Service Call Centers

OptaSense Global fiber-optic monitoring system field service lcon

Field Service Centers

OptaSense Global fiber-optic monitoring system repair center logo

Repair Centers

OptaSense Global fiber-optic monitoring system Training Service Icon

Training Service Centers

OptaSense Support Inquiry

Interested in learning more about OptaSense Support Service offerings and how to get the most out of your current fiber-optic monitoring systems? OptaSense will be able to provide you with a Support Framework proposal that is both flexible and responsive. Just click the button below to get started.
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