Optimizing distributed data set integration and visualization

Integrating distributed data can be challenging. When you’re managing terabytes of data for quality control, analysis and interpretation, many petrophysical and production workflows can’t cope—eliminating critical data sets from analysis. This means decisions are being made without all the right information.

Depth, Time, and Measurement Integration with the DxS Browser Software Suite

Integrating 3D data that spans depth, time and measurement can present another obstacle, with many of today’s conventional tools being capable of handling only two of these data sets. And, with such a broad range of applications and challenges that distributed data illuminates solutions for, deriving results can be a cumbersome process. Data processing and visualization tools shouldn’t require that production engineers, petrophysicists and research groups become programming wizards as well.3

The OptaSense DxS Browser software suite allows users to easily integrate large distributed data sets into workflows, including 3D depth, time and measurement data, while managing quality control, analysis and interpretation. So you can focus more on results, the suite down-samples larger data sets from terabytes to megabytes by allowing users to generate and extract filtered waterfall information.

With the DxS Browser, operators reduce the requirement for specialist data handlers and programmers. This software puts quality control in the hand of the operators, including verifying depth calibration, visualizing and qualifying generated results, and re-working data sets.

Cable coil position in Optasense DXS Browser Screen Image
Cable coil position in DxS Browser.

Version 2.16 Is Now Available

OptaSense DxS Browser v2.16 now includes an exciting new tool which provides users with the ability to listen to the audio content of their data, providing further insight to enhance their analysis.

How the DxS Browser Software Works

The DxS Browser software suite is designed to handle industry standard distributed data sets, including DAS, distributed temperature sensing (DTS), time and depth Log ASCII format (LAS) and comma-separated values (CSV) data. The software will also allow reprocessing and handling of large data sets, by running proprietary algorithms and producing key metrics in industry standard data formats.

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