Prevent third-party power cable damage

Some power networks are located in high-risk environments. These power cables are more susceptible to accidental damage or sabotage. The OptaSense Integrated Smart Sensing system allows operators to detect, locate and classify potential third party interference (TPI) events, such as manual or mechanical excavation and theft.

Protecting Offshore Assets

Damage to subsea cables and umbilicals are a great risk to offshore wind farms and oil and gas platforms. OptaSense Integrated Smart Sensing provides operators the opportunity to safeguard these asset by intercepting external threats, such as third-party boats, anchors and fishing nets, before a damaging event occurs. The system provides real-time alerts of potential threats approaching the vicinity of the asset—ensuring operators have the time necessary to implement effective preventative measures.

Safeguarding Onshore Assets

Two common cable installation types, underground power cables and overhead lines (also known as pylons), are most susceptible to third-party damage and theft—resulting in prolonged outages, unstable operating conditions and added restoration costs.

Underground cable damage is commonly attributed to unintentional mechanical digging along major road networks. They are also impacted by copper cable theft, another epidemic affecting utilities and communities nationwide. However, copper is not the only metal criminals target. Aluminum conductors installed on overhead transmission lines and steel sections from transmission towers are also being vandalized and sold as scrap metal.

Although third-party interference and theft pose a serious threat to the continuity of power supply and public safety, they can be prevented. The OptaSense Integrated Smart Sensing system provides on-line detection and location of third-party interference near the vicinity of power cables and towers, including a person walking up to 5m, vehicle movement 10m out and digging up to 20m.

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