Based on OptaSense’s experience in multiple onshore and offshore basins around the world, our technology and execution of various services provides Operators with state of the art solutions for answering the most challenging questions.

Oilfield Solution Offerings

Job Design & Planning

Answer Products

OptaSense’s hardware and software development has the ultimate goal of providing the optimal data quality that is needed to make real time and accurate decisions. In order to capitalize on the best data available, we have developed several families of Distributed Sensing Answer Products. These provide state of the art data analytics solutions that are readily available and range from production inflow allocation (DAS-PLT) and artificial lift monitoring to reservoir monitoring and seismic.

DxS Browser

The OptaSense DxS Browser software suite allows users to easily integrate large distributed data sets into workflows, including 3D depth, time and measurement data, while managing quality control, analysis and interpretation. So you can focus more on results, the suite down-samples larger data sets from terabytes to megabytes by allowing users to generate and extract filtered waterfall information. Learn more about the DxS Browser here.

Reservoir Engineering Analysis

Data Visualization & Streaming

The OptaSense Real-Time Data Streaming capability, coupled with industry leading Interrogator Units and state of the art software, allows on-demand data-streaming and visualization for the entire portfolio of measurements:

  • Completion Monitoring
  • Production Monitoring
  • Reservoir Monitoring

The service enables operators to analyze data in real-time in the safety and comfort of their offices, on-demand.

The OptaSense Portal™ Fiber-Optic Sensing Streaming solution combines hardware and software, working in tandem, to ensure that every bit of information coming from its sensitive interrogator units can be accessed by users anywhere they may be located. Making use of sophisticated and portable computing,
the Portal streaming can reduce large datasets into important actionable ones. More importantly, all of this data is available in real time. To learn more about Portal, click here.

Proteus Cable Portfolio

The OptaSense Proteus cable portfolio offers a family of engineered fiber-optic cables each designed to deliver improved acoustic performance. Each cable is purpose-built for specific data acquisition needs.

Unit Sales & Installation

Service Support

OptaSense is committed to providing long-term support to distributed fiber-optic sensor systems through a range of balanced service packages that combine both technical support, services management and a framework that is focused on system uptime, maintainability and life of asset support.

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