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Pipeline Intrusion Monitoring

Reduce the risk from external threats

Pipelines are susceptible to various external threats that can result in significant damage, or worse–a rupture. However, a majority of these incidents can be prevented.

The OptaSense pipeline monitoring system detects external events that lead to pipeline damage, so you can respond to threats before incidents occur.

Prevent incidents along the right-of-way

Offering third party intrusion and right-of-way monitoring, OptaSense fiber optic pipeline monitoring alerts operators of potentially hazardous activity occurring within the pipeline corridor, such as digging, vehicle movement, and other large machinery, before contact with the pipe is made

Protect pipeline infrastructure

Protecting pipelines and above ground infrastructure from sabotage and theft in high-risk areas typically requires a separate security monitoring program, but the OptaSense pipeline monitoring solution can do both.

By integrating leak detection, security monitoring and theft prevention into a single system, the OptaSense pipeline monitoring solution provides the sensitivity and reliability required to detect and locate suspicious activity, such as illegal hot taps and vandalism, up to 100km from a single location with no other infield equipment required—making it one of the most cost effective means of monitoring long linear assets.

With this knowledge, you not only improve incident reduction, you increase the effectiveness of response mechanisms by ensuring manual pipeline inspection is focused on areas of real activity.


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