Putting critical distributed acoustic sensing data in your hands

Our linear asset monitoring platform for pipeline, border and perimeter applications are designed to provide an unmatched offering in usability, interaction and reliability, giving you the data you need to make critical decisions

OptaSense OS6™ Visualization Software

OptaSense OS6™ visualization software is the culmination of over 45 engineer years of cumulative development – our 6th generation of linear asset monitoring technology. Developed from the feedback from hundreds of deployments of engineers and systems across the globe with unprecedented feedback from clients, end-users and other stakeholders, OS6 is the last word in robust & secure data handling, analytics and system management.
Linear asset monitoring platform, OptaSense OS6™ Visualization Software screen for pipeline, border and perimeter applications

OS6 is a ground-breaking development with a complete overhaul of the GUI and a host of new features, including:

  • A simplified layout, making OS6 quicker and easier to use than ever before. 
  • Advanced features remain familiar and accessible for existing users of previous versions.
  • A new overview screen which brings all situational information together into a single integrated display.

A major new feature in OS6 is our auto tuning algorithm approach.  We’ve implemented both statistical and supervised machine learning into our architecture to move towards our goal of a “tuning free system” – bringing a huge benefit to our clients by reducing the length of time to final operating capability and achieving a predictable outcome.

OS6 provides an entirely new user experience putting the benefits of distributed acoustic sensing data right into the user’s hands for more up time, more reliability and improved system performance.

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