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Putting critical data in your hands

The fourth major iteration of our platform for pipeline, border and perimeter applications of OptaSense represents a major step forward to deliver “Data in our client’s hands” – through the platform and device of their choice.
We bring this focus to all aspects of delivery of OptaSense – from light touch improvements such as reducing click count to get to key alert data to more major developments – such as our new web services suite and mobile device applications.

Our web services takes the key data out of the core deployed system and package it in accordance with individual users needs in a simple and easily navigable format – from management reporting on performance data through to live feeds of user activity (replicating the core system) and duplicate dedicated interfaces for Pig and Leak Operational users.

In the core deployed OptaSense 4.0 preserves our world leading approach to implementing DAS with environment led calibration, user deployment of operating zones but builds on this with a fully 64 bit highly efficient architecture, enhanced reliability and a host of new features, detector types and data filters designed to get the most of the data.

New detectors include fence mounted activity, valve activity detectors and specialist tools such as off-axis range detection and data whitening. For 4.0 our hardware platform has also been updated with an enhanced performance processor unit, a dual redundancy auto-failover option, bespoke forced air ventilating shelf and a long term data storage and retrieval unit.

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