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The fifth major iteration of our platform for pipeline, border and perimeter applications of OptaSense represents a major step forward in usability, interaction and reliability

OS5 Visualization Software

Aerial display of rail line with digging warning icon
OS5 represents the most significant revamp of our architecture since inception – moving from a client-server-based system in all preceding systems to a fully distributed suite. We’ve implemented a distributed database and communications system that eliminates the previous single point of failure where the database and communications all pointed to. In OS5 the database is striped and distributed meaning that elements can be removed or added to the system without losing important database content.
We typically update with new functionality every 4-6 months, in recent releases we have included significant updates to our 4-Mode Leak, Camera & VMS Integration, Complex fiber routing / fiber resiliency management, Config builders and config checkers – all aimed at producing simpler and more reliable installations with more effective operations.
Our hardware platform is updated at each major release and currently supports two models – a basic unit capable of supporting most of our detector suites and a heavy-duty model intended for our more demanding applications including 4-Mode Leak. Both hardware options are available in configurations to support either one or two interrogator units.
Our fully automated detectors are available both individually or as suites and includes an ever-growing list of applications that can be tailored to the overall intended purpose of the deployment.
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