Fiber Sensing Data Ecosystem

Integrated Acquisition and Analysis Tools for Lightweight Data Collection

DAS Ecosystem Graphic | Simplified Fiber Sensing Data with Light Acquisition™

Supporting researchers, new users, dreamers and investigators – our Fiber Sensing Data Ecosystem is a collection of tools designed to support lightweight data investigations through to robust but simple permanent monitoring.  Aimed at users who are primarily interested in raw data or lightweight and flexible data products, the ecosystem provides a wealth of features to help you get a handle on the content and meaning of your recorded data.

Your Choice of Interrogator

From our flagship QuantX, through our high performing ODH-4+, multipurpose ODH-F and the original ODH-3 and OLA-2 series, all of our interrogators are compatible with the other components in the ecosystem.

Simplified Data Acquisition and Monitoring

Our simplest tool for rapid setup of an interrogator with the purpose of acquiring both short term and long-term data via static and rolling recorders.  Fully integrated with a data streaming API for algorithm hosting and testing as well as to our cloud based portal for health monitoring.

Light Acquisition is a lightweight and field proven reliable method of recording continuous data from interrogators without packet loss at up to 400 MB/s – field proven.  The core of Light Acquisition is built into to all of our other products (downhole monitoring and OS6 Visualisation) and thus is heavily tested and field proven.

Light Acquisition is completely user agnostic and makes no assumptions on data use.  The prime goal is to quickly allow a recording system to be setup, tuned to a fiber of choice for maximum performance and then set recording – in timed, manual or rolling modes.

Producing industry standard, unwrapped H5 data, it is proven to be capable of lossless performance at our maximum IU rates of 400 MB/s.   As well as recording tools, Light Acquisition also features online analysis tools via waterfall display and channel analysis providing spectrogram, timeseries and FFT functionality.

Feedback on performance is provided to the user as well as health check items from the IU such as continuous temperature monitoring and logging.  A complete error and performance logging system is integrated meaning that troubles can be rapidly diagnosed.

In late 2021 an IU assurance feed is being integrated which also logs in real time a variety of metrics associated with the health of the complete sensing system and alerting the user to issues.

The OptaSense Portal

Light Acquisition 2.0 also continuously monitors the health and status of a deployment and feeds this to our web based Global Monitoring Toolset. Portal is our cloud based access route to live data monitoring and health checking with a suite of tools to help you manage your deployments and receive notifications of hardware and software status and any issues that may arise.  Health data is continually uplifted to the cloud as your data bandwidth allows. FBE data uplift and display is a viable option for many installations.

Live Processing Feed

Our Live Streaming API is a continuous live datafeed option performed in parallel with the recording and visualization allowing live data to be fed to monitoring systems or third party systems which might be hosting online analytics, data processing or algorithms.  This supports a diverse range of options – such as Matlab, Python or our own OptaSense Workbench Seismic processing suite.

Strain & Temperature Real-time Monitoring Subsystem

Via the Live Processing Feed researchers interested in the behaviour at DC / 0Hz can implement our Strain & Temperature monitoring subsystem where static strain & temperature results can be profiled in real time across the range of sensing channels, separated where necessary and analysed in raw and/or differential mode – complete with alarms on events / levels.

DXS Browser

DXS browser is our offline distributed sensing process suite.   For more information please consult our dedicated DXS web page.

Linux or Windows Platform Options

With options for Linux and Windows-10 deployments, Light Acquisition 2.0 can be deployed on a range of hardware platforms.  For guaranteed compatibility we normally deliver a full system with a standardised recording PC with customer configurable storage.

Researcher Package

Light Acquisition 2.0 is the core component of our researcher package comprising:

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