Perimeter Intrusion Detection and Security

Perimeter security is your first line of defense. But many systems can be easily bypassed or fail to provide rapid, reliable alerts— leaving your assets vulnerable to infiltration.

The OptaSense Perimeter Intrusion Detection and Security system (PIDS) safeguards your infrastructure and assets using advanced distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) technology capable of identifying and locating multiple threats in real time, with point-locating capabilities to 10m.


• Detects, locates and classifies multiple threats
• Identifies vehicles, personnel, digging and fence breach
• Offers passive and undetectable protection
• Provides continuous coverage
• Installed on standard fiber optic telecoms cable
• Delivers superior results compared to traditional sensors
• Connects to other sensors (CCTV, C2)
• Reduces nuisance alarms
• Provides exceptional wind noise rejection
• Delivers a scalable and expandable system
• Eliminates infield maintenance requirements


• Buried, fence mounted or hybrid installations
• Borders and military
• Utilities (water / energy / communications)
• Industrial (chemical / petrochemical / refinery)
• Transportation (roads / rail / ports / airports)
• Commercial (data centers / distribution facilities)
• VIP residences / golf courses / resorts



Want to safeguard your assets and infrastructure?