Geothermal guyser

OptaSense is uniquely positioned to provide on-demand service or full turnkey, permanent monitoring system solutions for wellbore diagnostics on geothermal assets. With distributed fiber optic technology of DAS and DTS, we can monitor and provide actionable answers for the assessment of a new resource or monitor production and injection activities under current operation. We see benefit for operators looking to reduce incremental costs of well remediation and maintain higher levels of quality heat production from their resource.

Production and Injection Monitoring Services for Wellbores

  • Scaling and wax deposition detection and location
  • Production and injection profiling across completion zone
  • Cold water breakthrough
  • Gas production location and identification
  • Flow regime analysis
  • Direct drive and electric submersible pump monitoring
  • Casing Leak detection

Reservoir Monitoring

  • Induced seismicity and microseismic event detection
  • Vertical seismic profiling and imaging for reservoir mapping and delineation of features

With advancements in Enhanced Geothermal System (ESG), OptaSense offers unique completions monitor solutions to help operators answer important questions of where, how big and how many fractures are created during stimulation of the resource through services of:

  • Hydraulic fracture monitoring
  • Crosswell strain monitoring
  • Microseismics
  • Cement curing

We look forward to helping operators increase profitability of current assets and pioneer their next groundbreaking project or expansion for geothermal power generation and district heating.

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