About Us
OptaSense delivers real-time, actionable intelligence that promotes cost savings by increasing operational efficiency, maximizing productivity and reducing risk.

OptaSense is the trusted partner for leading edge Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) solutions that reduce the cost of asset ownership by optimizing operational efficiency, performance and safety. Our DAS solutions provide real-time, actionable data, dedicated expertise and global experience to multiple industries, including oil and gas, pipeline, security, transport and utilities. Operating in over 50 countries with more than 25,000km of assets under contract, we are now monitoring and protecting some of the world’s most valuable assets.


With OptaSense DAS technology you can acquire, detect and monitor multiple applications simultaneously and in real time, from a single system.

In addition to providing borehole seismic, fracture profiling and production monitoring for oil and gas assets, our DAS systems monitor pipelines for leaks and external threats, such as third party interference (TPI).

OptaSense DAS technology safeguards critical assets and infrastructure by detecting and monitoring an array of activities, from intrusion and vehicle movement to gunfire and low flying aircrafts.

Our technology is also used to increase the safety and efficiency of transport networks by detecting traffic and incidents on roads, as well as detecting faulty trains and track on railways.

Want safer, more productive and cost-effective operations?