Intrusion Detection

Protecting critical infrastructure and assets

Ensure threats are predicted and averted with reliable, covert, real-time protection. Unlike conventional sensors, the OptaSense DAS-based system provides multi-threat detection, significantly reduces false alarms and provides seamless, cost effective installation.
oil storage facility drawing with security features highlighted
Multi-Threat Detection
Instead of simply providing an alarm, OptaSense DAS technology can detect, classify and precisely locate a number of activities, including people, vehicle movement, low flying aircraft, manual and mechanical digging, gunfire and many others.
Reliable Alarms
Unlike conventional buried sensors, the PIDS system significantly reduces nuisance alarms using reliable algorithms that decipher and classify the type of intrusion in real time. Users can be notified of alarms via text or email, and by leveraging GPS coordinates, the system can pinpoint the location of a security breach within seconds.

With this information, asset owners can increase the effectiveness of response mechanisms, such as patrols and helicopter reconnaissance, by ensuring manual inspection is focused on areas of real activity.

Seamless Installation
In addition to simplifying the installation process, the PIDS system can be customized to meet the demands of the perimeter it is protecting. The system offers three types of installation: fence, buried or hybrid. A hybrid installation provides additional design flexibility and added security on fence and buried systems, as well as some water applications utilizing the same processor. The system can also be run in stealth mode for high security areas.

Installation is a simple process. After having the fiber buried or attached to a fence using a third-party, our experts are at your service to install the required hardware and calibrate the system to its environment. No certification is required for installation, and no hardware or power is required in the field. All electronics are indoors in a controlled environment— protecting equipment from EMI, RFI and other hazardous environmental conditions.

The system is software based, allowing easy alterations to perimeter adjustments and/or changes to the number of zones being monitored. The system is also easily integrated with other systems and sensors, such as CCTV cameras and VMSS, for a more robust security management solution.

Want to safeguard your assets and infrastructure?

Proven Technology
OptaSense DAS technology is protecting some of the world’s most valuable assets. In critical infrastructure and security sectors, it is providing real-time monitoring of long assets, such as pipelines and borders. In fact, we are currently monitoring more than 15,000 km of critical infrastructure by providing leak detection and third party intrusion detection for pipeline and transport networks.

The PIDS system has also proven valuable protecting critical assets in other market sectors, including utilities, industrial, transportation, commercial, and residential.

How DAS Works
The PIDS system utilizes one strand of a single mode standard telecommunications fiber, installed along the perimeter of an asset, to monitor and detect unwanted activity.

For measurement, the system utilizes a Coherent Optical Time Domain Reflectometer, or Interrogator Unit (IU), located alongside the processing unit. After injecting laser pulses down the length of the fiber, the IU reconstructs acoustic signals detected from the backscattered light along the cable.

Signal processing software is used to analyze these signal in real time, with a 10m location accuracy.

Perimeter Security Case Studies

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