Global commerce is an interconnected network of industries that rely on a continuous flow of information to effectively operate, produce, transport and protect their assets. By enriching your fiber optic network with DAS technology, OptaSense puts real-time intelligence at your fingertips, making your business safer, more productive and cost effective.

Nervous System2

Monitoring the Pulse of Operations

OptaSense DAS technology is like The Earths Nervous System, leveraging fiber optic technology to monitor the pulse of industry operations around the world.

Our technology works by converting a standard telecommunications fiber optic cable into a network of virtual sensors capable of detecting and transmitting temperatures, pressures, strain and acoustic signals along the length of the fiber, at the speed of light.

Positioned within this network is the OptaSense Interrogator Unit (IU), a highly stable laser that pulses light 10,000 times a second down the fiber optic cable. Our IU processes and records changes in the backscattered light, which indicate a function of strain on the fiber, at speeds exceeding 100 meters per second. This is called coherent optical time domain reflectometry (C-OTDR).

The position and amplitude of strain sites are determined and visualized in real time using proprietary software—providing continuous insight to optimize the decision making process for operators across a number of industry applications.


Our technology detects and processes unique acoustic signals from a number of industry applications in order to provide the real-time intelligence that optimizes decisions.


Our visualization software delivers decision-ready data that promotes cost savings by increasing operational efficiency, maximizing productivity and reducing risk.