Avoid costly power cable failures

Although mechanical damage to power cables will result in immediate failure, less severe damage may go unnoticed—eventually leading to failure and disruption of energy supply, typically caused by other factors.

Whether it’s the direct result of incorrect system design, inappropriate installation or power overloading, OptaSense Integrated Smart Sensing allows you to limit installation and service costs, while obtaining higher performance, reliability, and asset life.

Condition Monitoring Capabilities

Condition monitoring for power cables often entails a manual, periodic inspection process. With conventional systems, a sensor is needed for each point of interest. For applications spanning large areas and longer distances these solutions become over-complicated, bulky, unreliable and costly to maintain. Other conventional systems fail to provide the coverage and reliability required to circumvent disruptions effectively.

By listening to acoustic indicators of functional performance, OptaSense fiber optic sensing technology provides on-line, cost-effective condition monitoring at each and every point along the entire asset.

Offshore Condition Monitoring

To prevent mechanical failures and improve reliability in offshore environments, the OptaSense Integrated Smart Sensing system provides early detection of vortex induced vibration and free span, which can result in subsea cable and umbilical exposure—making them more susceptible to damage.

Onshore Condition Monitoring

In onshore environments, this system enables condition monitoring on overhead assets, including the galloping of lines, insulator failure on critical lines and in cables and joints, as well as cable sag and wind monitoring.

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