OptaSense Diagnostic Intervention Services is a cost-effective solution that delivers advanced monitoring of reservoir and wellbore through cutting-edge Distributed Temperature Sensing and Distributed Acoustic Sensing technologies.

Working in partnership with leading oilfield service companies, OptaSense Oilfield Services can provide its services in existing wells utilizing fiber-optic enabled slickline, wireline, coil tubing, and carbon rod. Temporary deployment of advanced Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) and Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) monitoring capability is more efficient and cost effective for monitoring dynamic production or reservoir response than other conventional monitoring methods. The OptaSense Diagnostic Intervention Services enables operators to see real-time DTS and DAS results for injection and production distribution. In addition, real-time fracture visualization through strain and microseismic monitoring allows operators to improve stimulation and completion design to maximize recovery.

Deployment Solutions

The first step in acquiring quality results is getting a fiber-optic cable in the well to capture the information. Historically, operators utilize fiber-optic solutions for the life of their asset via permanent installation cemented behind casing. Permanently installed fiber-optic cables provide full life-of-well analysis, but it’s not always possible to place this system in legacy wells.

Despite the continuous growth in the application and installation of permanent fiber optics among global operators in new wells, there are still a vast majority of existing wells that can benefit from the array of distributed fiber-optic sensing DAS and DTS applications. Temporary intervention deployment solutions, such as slickline, e-line, and coiled tubing enable retrievable fiber-optic services that provide acquisition and analysis of results “on demand” in almost any environment. Access to temporary deployment of fiber-optic cables increases operational flexibility and reduces cost without compromising quality. Fiber-optic solutions are flexible and low-cost alternatives for real-time completion diagnostics allowing operators to understand and optimize their unconventional development.

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Trusted Temporary Conveyance Provider

OptaSense, the industry pioneer in distributed fiber-optic sensing, is known for providing innovative solutions to the oil and gas industry that deliver real-time intelligence to reduce the cost of asset ownership. The Oil and Gas market is constantly evolving and OptaSense is no different!

Working in tandem with leading oilfield service providers, OptaSense offers temporary conveyance of fiber-optic cable using conventional methods: wireline, coiled tubing, and carbon rod. We offer a comprehensive list of conveyance partners across the US, Canada, Colombia, Oman, Iraq, Saudi, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Egypt and India.

World map highlighting countries where OptaSense has conveyance partners.

OptaSense works with trusted conveyance partners across the globe.

Benefits of Diagnostic Intervention Services

Increased Flexibility

  • Conveyance in multiple wells as required to support co-location of events
  • Fibered wireline flexibility – conventional, pump down, or tractor conveyance
  • Acquired in combination with traditional microseismic monitoring for full wellbore coverage
  • Combined with an offset permanent fiber well, the value of strain and microseismic locations are enhanced

Reduced Cost

  • Monitoring of multiple wells for the same cost as a single well permanent-fiber installation

Uncompromised Quality

  • High-quality data extraction through the use of OptaSense equipment

Services Available

Production Monitoring

PRODUCTION MONITORING OptaSense production monitoring services add critical mass in your production efforts by allowing you to monitor in-flow along the production zone, artificial lift performance, and wellbore integrity for the life of your asset.

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Crosswell Strain Monitoring

CROSSWELL STRAIN MONITORING Fracture geometry information derived from Crosswell Strain frac hits provides a direct look into the efficiency of the treatment process. It critically reveals the nature and geometry of the fracture network and

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Seismic Acquisition and Processing

SEISMIC ACQUISTION AND PROCESSING Real-time seismic without geophones Achieving higher rates of return begins with a clear understanding of the reservoir. OptaSense Oilfield Services’ seismic acquisition and processing offering provides repeatable, high resolution imaging of

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