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Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing

OptaSense monitors and listens to the pulse of industry operations around the world; detecting and processing unique acoustic signals from a number of industry applications in order to provide the real-time intelligence that optimizes decisions.

The industries we serve

Detect small leaks 10x faster with fewer false alarms, while monitoring the right of way to prevent leaks altogether.

Evaluate and monitor assets with a solution that provides borehole seismic acquisition, fracture profiling and production flow monitoring in real time, from a single system.

Safeguard critical infrastructure and assets with a perimeter intrusion detection solution capable of identifying and locating multiple threats in real time, with point-locating capabilities to 10m.

Protect borders with a fiber optic security and surveillance system that detects multiple threats, including surface interference to tunneling, in real time.

Prevent cable theft, detect landslides and identify faulty trains and tracks with a solution that improves railway operations, costs and safety.

Optimize operations and response times with real-time traffic, incident and condition monitoring.

Power network integrity is only as robust as its weakest point. OptaSense provides on-line condition monitoring that helps you monitor the pulse of power networks at every point—enabling higher performance, reliability and asset life.

Delivering real-time, actionable intelligence

[reliably and cost-effectively]

OptaSense makes it easier and affordable for decision makers to operate, produce, transport and protect high value assets.

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