Technical Papers

Technical Paper that highlight OptaSense products and services.

Estimating Stimulation-Zone Anisotropy Effects During Microseismic Monitoring

This paper shows a real data example where microseismic events were recorded using a 40 level array of 3-component downhole seismic sensors in an observation well straddling the treatment zone in depth. The observed microseismic event gathers exhibit shear wave splitting even at the onset of treatment operations due to anisotropy which was not readily predicted by either surface seismic or sonic scanner logs.

Cloud-Based Solution for Permanent Fiber-Optic DAS Flow Monitoring

This paper presents the system architecture and details the lessons learnt in designing, commissioning and running a permanent DAS system including the extraction of low data rate, actionable, qualitative data from distributed fibre-optic sensors and the IT challenges of creating a reliable, permanently installed system.

Flow Monitoring and Production Profiling using DAS

This paper discusses the application of DAS for flow monitoring. Specifically, it was found that DAS has potential for zonal production and injection allocation across ICVs, monitoring interzonal inflow from the reservoir, monitoring artificial lift, tracking fluid transport through the well bore, detecting leaks, and monitoring wax build up or other types of deposition in the well.

Fiber Optic Sensing For Improved Wellbore Production Surveillance

This paper presents two recent examples of single-phase flow profiling using DAS. The first example is from a single-phase gas producer in one of the Unconventional plays in North America and the second example is from a long horizontal, smart polymer injector operated by Petroleum Development Oman (PDO).

In-Well Distributed Fiber Optic Solutions for Reservoir Surveillance

In this paper recent field trials are discussed to demonstrate the value of these novel in-well fiber optic applications. These trials highlight the benefit of integrated data interpretation and the versatility of applications that are possible using fiber optic installations in wells. The applications shown are the use of the DSS for inflow profiling in a water injector in a deepwater asset, gas flow monitoring by combined interpretation of DAS and DTS data, and the first offshore applications of DAS for borehole seismic in Shell.

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