The Canadian thermal heavy oil industry is one of the largest concentrations of wellbores in the global oil and gas sector.  Within this concentration of wellbores there are over 3500 wellbores and counting outfitted with fiber optic cables.  A majority of these wells are either Steam Assisted Gravitational Drainage (SAGD) or Cyclic Steam Stimulation.  Due to the geological setting and thermal gradient of the reservoir, thermal wells require a high-density measurement to be operated in an efficient, repeatable and safe manner.

With OptaSense’s cutting edge Thermal solutions allow the operator to actively measure inflow along the lateral, understand flow control devices and slotted liners, detect pump failures, and monitor steam conformance and reservoir depletion via Seismic Tomography and Vertical Seismic Profiling.

OptaSense can stream real time DAS/DTS results to provide critical understanding of inflow across the production zone and Flow Control Devices for immediate production and steam allocation. Our patented intelligent interrogator technology can plug and play with a majority of digital wellsite setups to provide real time actionable results at your fingertips. With the advances in fiber optics and DAS machine learning this provides a step change in thermal well monitoring to provide immediate ROI.

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