ODHF Distributed Acoustic Sensing Interrogator

Versatile Distributed Fiber Sensing for Quantitative and Non-Quantitative Applications

The ODHF is a unique device and the successor to our ground breaking ODH3.1  Available with the ability to operate in Quant mode up to 10km and an Intensity Only Non-Quant mode to 50km with 10m output channel pitch. With a high resolution, 1.3m resolution intensity mode, the ODHF is a truly versatile instrument.  An integrated multiplexer allows up to 4 cables to be interrogated sequentially.   This gives provision for cost-effective through-life continuous asset monitoring.


The ODHF can be applied to various industry applications:
  • Linear Assets, 50km nominal range
  • Quantitative Phase Measurements: 10km nominal range
  • In-Well Flow Monitoring
Sensing capabilities include:
  • Range:
    • Qualitative: 0 km – 50 km
    • Quantitative Phase: 0 km – 10 km
  • Max Ping Rate 50 kHz
  • Spatial Resolution 1.3 m to 35.0 m
ODH-F Distributed Acoustic Sensing Interrogator Unit Image

Application Types

  • In-Well Flow Monitoring
  • Pipeline Integrity Management
  • Four Mode Leak
  • Border Security

System Performance

  • Real-time data classification and management
  • Long Range Resolution
  • Third Party Interfacing

Did You Know

In addition to acquiring DAS, OptaSense provides operators the ability to visualize and interpret their data, in real time.

The OptaSense DxS browser software suite provides an in depth analysis of acquired DAS data by applying processing algorithms, integrating large sets of distributed data, filtering critical data and enabling advanced workflows. The software suite allows users to easily integrate large distributed data sets into workflows, including 3D depth, time and measurement data, while managing quality control, analysis and interpretation.

DxS Visualization Software

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