Fiber Sensing Data Ecosystem

DAS Ecosystem Graphic | Simplified Fiber Sensing Data with Light Acquisition™

Drowning in DFOS data? Numerous systems to manage globally? OptaSense recognizes your challenge and today launches their new Fiber Sensing Ecosystem to help.  A robust triumvirate of a light acquisition suite (with your OptaSense IU of choice) giving lossless data, offline analysis in our DXS browser and live health monitoring in our cloud Portal. Helping the investigator get the most of DRS and DAS data.

Light Acquisition is a proven solution able to tolerate the highest data rates we offer – up to an eyewatering 3.2Gbps (and that’s bits not bytes!) without packet loss.  

Our latest version (LA 2.0) now supports a live feed to our cloud presence OptaSense Portal for health monitoring and performance awareness – and even a visualization of your most recent file and file transfer where data rates allows.   The Portal allows a rapid geographic awareness of the performance of all of your assets in your research pool and at the same time allows you to preset a wide range of notifications to let you know immediately if something has changed.   Your own cloud presence for DAS data.

Our long respected DXS browser completes the trio giving you complete control and analysis of recorded data.

Visit our Data Ecosystem page to learn more.

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