OLA Distributed Acoustic Sensing Interrogator

Delivering unmatched performance

The OLA2.1 from OptaSense sets the standard in Interrogator Unit performance for fiber optic Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS).


The OLA2.1 can be applied to various industry applications:
  • Linear Assets, 50km nominal range
  • Perimeters, minor assets, 20km nominal range
  • Small perimeters, minor assets, 10km nominal range
Sensing capabilities include:
  • Range 0 km – 50 km
  • Max Ping Rate 20 kHz
  • Ultra-low ping rates down to 1 kHz for complex fiber routes
  • Spatial Resolution 7.5 m and 10 KHz
OLA 2.1 Distributed Acoustic Sensing Interrogator Unit Image

Application Types

  • Perimeter Surveillance
  • Pipeline Integrity Management
  • Four Mode Leak
  • Border Security

System Performance

  • Real-time data classification and management
  • Long Range Resolution
  • Third Party Interfacing

Did You Know

Big data is only as good as the data discovery tools that optimize its visualization. The OLA interrogator unit is complimented by OS visualization software, a dynamic software platform that processes large volumes of data, which is delivered seamlessly in real-time to interactive visual interfaces that can be accessed from your desktop or in the palm of your hand.

OS Visualization Software

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