ODH4+ Distributed Acoustic Sensing Interrogator

High Performance Distributed Acoustic Sensing Interrogator For Enhanced Fibers

The best Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing instrument just got better!

Built upon the industry’s leading distributed sensing interrogator unit technology, the OptaSense ODH4+ high performance distributed acoustic sensing interrogator unit delivers superior measurements in multiple applications with the flexibility of using high backscatter fiber cables.
ODH4+ Distributed Acoustic Sensing Interrogator Unit image
seismic shot gatherer image comparison between normal optical fiber and enhanced optical fiber
The ODH4+ IU provides value to both engineering and geoscience applications which require variable spatial resolution. Unlike conventional interrogator units , the ODH4+ IU is capable of measuring with ANY fiber from ANY vendor (single mode, multi-mode or enhanced high backscatter) for superior signal-to-noise ratio levels. With the ability to provide variable spatial resolution regardless of the glass present in the cable, operators are no longer limited to a specific fiber dedicated to single measurement, expanding the possibilities for sensing any physical process.

The ODH4+ delivers higher signal-to-noise ratio with variable spatial resolution.

Ready for unmatched DAS measurements?

Enhanced Sensitivity

When combined with high backscatter fiber, the ODH4+ unit delivers a level of enhanced distributed acoustic sensing sensitivity capable of responding to the smaller signals associated to more subtle changes in the reservoir like those associated with the hydraulic fracturing processes.

System Performance

The ODH4+ IU utilizes a key redesign of OptaSense’s leading-edge interrogator unit technology specifically designed to take advantage of the availability of new enhanced fiber-optic technology for specialized applications and signal requirements. The new IU design delivers superior performance, generating cleaner and stronger signals on a variety of fibers.

Improved Features

The ODH-4+ offers several enhancements to our current interrogator unit technology, including more robust laser controls optimizing the highest signal fidelity. With the variety of fiber-optic cables now available in the market, the ODH4+ system provides the flexibility to interrogate various fibers without compromising the measurements and without incurring additional hardware costs specific to these given fibers.
Four Seismic Shot Gather images comparing single mode and enhanced fibers with different gauge lengths
The OptaSense ODH4+ interrogates BOTH enhanced and conventional fibers.

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