ODH5X Distributed fiber Sensing Interrogator

Delivering Outstanding Output With Extended Operational Range

ODH5X Distributed Acoustic Sensing Interrogator Unit
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The ODH5X Interrogator Unit is an ultra-high performance quantitative distributed fiber sensing solution delivering outstanding output with an operational range up to 50,000 meters.

Unrivaled Performance in Seismic Acquisition

The ODH5X interrogator unit represents the culmination of significant research and development investment within OptaSense, resulting in unrivalled DFS/DAS performance in multiple long-range fiber-sensing applications, including production monitoring and optimization, subsea umbilical monitoring, and seismic acquisition.

The innovative new design delivers a step change in performance when compared to the existing interrogator units and opens up the possibility of working in situations with long lead-in fibers previously inaccessible to quantitative DFS systems.

Applications for the ODH5X Interrogator unit include:

  • Reservoir monitoring
  • Seismic profiling
  • Hydraulic fracture monitoring
  • Subsea Umbilical Monitoring
  • Production Optimization
  • Artificial Lift Monitoring

Ready for maximum performance on longer fibers?

System Highlights

The ODH5X interrogator unit provides real-time delivery of quantitative phase and amplitude information over extended ranges. Other features included:

  • Quantitative phase and amplitude output
  • Best available quantitative phase performance for sensitivity, bandwidth and longer-range operation
  • Compatible with OptaSense integrated hardware and data streaming systems
  • Designed for fibers of up to 50,000 meters
  • Compatible with high backscatter fibers for ultimate sensitivity and long-reach performance
VSP images from an ODH5X DAS

The world’s first VSP data capture at 30,000 meters

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