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19 Jun 2019

OptaSense Awarded Key Pakistan Pipeline and Producing Facility Perimeter Intrusion Detection Project

OptaSense, a QinetiQ company, a world leader in fiber-optic-based acoustic sensing, was recently awarded a key pipeline and gas producing facility /central producing facility perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS) project by the pipeline and facility operator.

Having successfully installed the first pipeline protection system of its kind in Pakistan on a pipeline network in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Northwest Pakistan, the operator selected OptaSense to follow up the initial procurement with another project that covers the Mardankhel west pipeline and wells, also located in the same province.

Building on the success of the Makori East pipeline network protection project, and utilising the existing fiber-optic infrastructure already in place, OptaSense will install a second intrusion detection system to protect the pipeline right-of-way from third party intrusion (TPI), covering the entire Mardankhel Pipeline network, as well as providing perimeter intrusion detection on the producing facility perimeter. This project included upgrading the existing system to the latest software version and integrating a new CCTV system covering the producing facility perimeter, enabling cross-cueing of the CCTV system to the respective alerts.

Jeff Williamson, Managing Director of OptaSense’s Infrastructure Security Monitoring (ISM) division stated “Not only is this the first project with our regional partner, but this is the first of its type in Pakistan. It will provide the customer with a secure pipeline and ensures a safe corridor to operate in. We hope that this provides a benchmark in countries where pipeline hot taps are wide spread.”

About OptaSense

OptaSense is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the QinetiQ Group

It is a platform technology which has applications in a number of markets, including infrastructure security where the technology is already in use to monitor 30,000 km of assets, principally providing leak detection and third-party intrusion detection for oil and gas pipelines.

OptaSense is the world leader in Distributed Acoustic Sensing and operating in 40 countries globally with operations across multiple industries including Oil & Gas, Defence & Security, Transport and Utilities.

07 Sep 2015

Cost-effective security monitoring (BTC)

The BTC is one of the longest crude oil pipelines in the world. The Turkish section of the BTC export system included four pumping stations, two pigging stations, 52 block valve sites and the Ceyhan marine export terminal. At a throughput of 1 Million barrels per day, ensuring successful and uninterrupted operations is of key strategic importance.

Offering cost-effective security monitoring, OptaSense was selected to monitor the pipeline to prevent incidents of theft or accidental damages.

Shortly after the system was installed, the OptaSense pipeline monitoring system detected the approach of a vehicle, footsteps and periods of manual digging near the pipeline. The system raised an alarm, alerting operators to initiate and mobilize appropriate response mechanisms to the exact location of the incident. A significant impact to the environment and business operations were prevented.

The system continues to demonstrate its performance in detecting and classifying events ranging from third party intrusion, agricultural and construction activities near or within the right of way corridor and seismic activity, as well as slack line and inline inspection tool tracking.