QuantX IU Upgraded To 100km Long-Range Performance Mode

QuantX Distributed Acoustic Sensing Interrogator Unit

Launched in 2019, QuantX provides 50km of quantitative phase and amplitude data at 1m pitch and has rapidly become the tool of choice for researchers, seismologists and geophysicists. See our previous news story on Caltech’s use of a suite of devices and the Nature publication from JAMSTEC in early 2020.

Following the ever present desire to extend range, we demonstrated in late 2020 a prototype longer range mode showing it’s promise for both land based seismology and have since carried out similar subsea cable demonstrations of this potential.

The new 100km operating mode can be retrospectively applied to existing QuantX units as a firmware upgrade – squeezing every last useful photon out of the device.

The 100km mode will operate on cables up to 200km long (500Hz lowest sampling rate) and delivers useable data on typical standard single mode fibres right up to 100km. With a 2m output channel pitch this provides the maximum quantity of useful data but can be decimated both spatially and temporally in our lightweight acquisition platform.

This improvement further cements QuantX as the tool of choice for researchers worldwide. As of this announcement all future QuantX deliveries will include this operating mode.

Waterfall visualization of M6.6 earthquake

March 2021 M6.6 Earthquake from Kamchatka peninsula observed on a 200km subsea cable in Japan with 50,000 2m channels, thousands of km away.

Seismic visualization of earthquake

A similar smaller earthquake viewed from a normalized seismic perspective illustrates the strong signal still present out at maximum range.

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