Microseismic Monitoring Service Launched

Microseismic mapped events

OptaSense, a Luna company, has launched a new Microseismic Monitoring Service that delivers high-fidelity microseismic in individual or multiple well and can be deployed outside casing as permanent installations or inside wells from retrievable fibers.

Fiber-recorded microseismic is evenly sampled over the full length of a monitoring horizontal. This even and wide-aperture sampling allows for a greater level of accuracy in microseismic monitoring source locations. Additionally, this even sampling results in minimal array bias and allows for a more representative distribution of events from the well toe to heel.

OptaSense’s real-time solution provides event locations and magnitude estimates to highlight fracture initiation and development. Results are visualized in real-time with optional pumping data, strain data, and temperature measurements.

Using fiber for microseismic data acquisition provide a low-risk, low-maintenance solution that provides the ability to record multiple unique datasets on a single fiber. This allows multiple data streams, including crosswell strain, well interference profiling, and production profiling, to be recorded by the same equipment for a more inclusive monitoring service that provides a better understanding of the completion and reservoir production.

To learn more about the OptaSense Microseismic Monitoring Service, visit www.optasense.com/microseismic-monitoring.


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