OptaSense Client To Show Novel Hydrogen Pipeline Transport System

pipeline integrity system illustration

OptaSense customer Sustainable Pipeline Systems (SPS) has developed a novel transport system for future hydrogen networks exploiting a low carbon “manufacture-as-you-go” approach where fiber-optic sensing is designed in from the start to offer an unparalleled integrity monitoring advantage.  

SPS Executive Chairman, Andrew Stevenson, is presenting their work at Pipeline Leak Detection 2021 in Houston on December 13th.

As well as utilizing the fiber wrap to monitor strain in the pipeline associated with both inside pressure and external influence, the same fiber is used for conventional third-party interference and leak detection monitoring.  With the close coupled nature of the design, observations of leaks as low as 10cc on a 20bar pressurized line have been made.

The presentation covers the initial qualification of the pipeline and the results of lifetime testing incorporating a number of OptaSense fiber-optic sensing-based measurements.   The density of fiber used in the wrapping allows more acoustics to be gathered in a given measurement cell and delivers a longitudinal spatial resolution of 0.1m.

Visitors to the conference are encouraged to attend this exciting presentation.

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