OptaSense Introduces the ODH5X Interrogator Unit

Delivering Unrivaled Performance in Distributed Fiber Sensing

ODH5X on blue background

OptaSense, a QinetiQ company, today announced the introduction of the latest iteration in its lineup of industry leading fiber sensing interrogator units — the ODH5X™.

The ODH5X™ Interrogator Unit is an ultra-high perfor­mance, quantitative distributed fiber sensing solution delivering outstanding output with an operational range up to 50,000 meters. It represents the culmination of significant research and development investment within OptaSense, resulting in unrivaled Distributed Fiber Sensing performance.

“The innovative new design of the ODH5X™ delivers game-changing performance in long-range fiber-optic sensing, enabling the oil & gas industry to obtain high-resolution images previously inaccessible utilizing only a single fiber at greater distances than ever before,” said James Pollard, Chief Executive Officer of OptaSense.

The ODH5X™ achieves extended range without the need for auxiliary components to achieve excellent signal quality. This technology eliminates the need for complex subsea hardware installations. Additionally, the ODH5X™ provides a technological step change to provide full spectrum measurements for any geoscience and engineering application. The ODH5X™ is also compatible with high backscatter fibers for ultimate sensitivity and long-reach performance. These unique capabilities create the opportunity to provide solutions for reservoir monitoring, well integrity, production optimization and seismic profiling using long lead-in fibers, previously impossible in Distributed Acoustic Sensing systems.

Having delivered several of the world’s largest and most remote Distributed Fiber Sensing projects, OptaSense is well suited to tackle the critical challenges in the industry. Capitalizing on our diverse technical expertise, integrated hardware platform, robust data visualization and streaming capabilities, the ODH5X™ offers a fiber-sensing solution that delivers reliable, high quality, vital solutions for the most complex distributed fiber optic sensing environment.

Learn more about the ODH5X here.

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