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OptaSense Support Information Request Form

OptaSense can offer a range of Support Services that provide responsive technical support around the clock. Having qualified, trained and professional engineers and technicians on site or on the end of the phone to help work through problems provides assurance and security to high value, mission or business-critical systems.

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Support Service Options
By ticking the boxes below that best meet your business needs, OptaSense will be able to provide you with a Support Framework proposal that is both flexible and responsive. If there are options which are not listed, but you feel you need to get the most out of your system, then please speak to a member of the OptaSense Sales team.


Access to OptaSense Telephone Support
    - Call back within 60 minutes
    - Hardware related issues
    - Software related issues
    - Queries form the site relating to specific equipment configurations

Remote dial-in connection (Subject to connectivity)

Emergency Response to Site
    - Optasense engineer will be mobilized to site following confirmation that a site visit is required.
    - Response time may dependent on location.

Software Updates
    - Service provided to update software when new features, functionality, enhancements and bug fixes are released for operator's system.

Inclusive hours for Remote Technical Engineering Support
    - Provides access to engineering resource to investigate more complex engineering problems
    - Support configuration or customer defined changes that require engineered solution

One Yearly Health Care Visit to site to assess system status and condition
    - Based typically on a two-day visit to site inclusive of all travel subsistence and hotel.
    - Post visit report will be provided detailing system condition and visit findings.

Operator Training
    - Provide site refresher training as part of Yearly Health Care Visit.
      + Healthcare Visit will be extended to provide 2 days of system understanding, configuration and set up.

Rapid Replacement Spares
    - Should an issue arise with the system hardware, a temporary replacement Interrogator, Processing Unit or Control Unit will be provided within two week of the original RMA being raised.
    - These temporary units will be used while the original units are being surveyed and repaired.

Remote Data Analysis
    - Understanding the information is key to effective system operator and performance.
    - OptaSense offers a range of analytical services, including system data reviews, acquisition data reviews and data optimization analysis.

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