OptaSense Delivers Airport Perimeter Security and Safety Monitoring Solution

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Robust and Covert Edge Device with Real-Time Assessment


  • Large international airport
  • Need for real-time detection and seamless video management integration
  • Goal was to distinguish between intruder alarms and non-threatening activities


Value Delivered:

  • Covert monitoring
  • Seamless integration into existing VMS
  • Unique and custom user zones
  • Alert geo-location
  • Increased efficiency in security guard routes and schedules
  • Increased safety with increased patterns of life activity

Project Overview

Airport professionals face a complex problem with physical perimeter security. It is imperative for operators to identify malicious and non-threatening activities in real-time. Custom-tuned solutions meet the challenge of vast property sizes, proximity to public use and high traffic zones. Selecting an intrusion detection technology manufacturer that performs reliably with industry leading life-cycle support must be a thoughtful endeavor.

A large international airport approached OptaSense with the requirements to specifically identify personnel activities near the perimeter in unauthorized zones and approaches from highways. To align with critical intruder alarm response, it was additionally important that the perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS) provide real-time detection and integrate seamlessly to the video management solution. The end goal was to more accurately and efficiently respond to verified intruder alarms while monitoring patterns of life of non-threatening activities.

Solution Deployment

After the team site-survey and threat profile development, OptaSense’s hybrid (buried and fence mounted) solution was selected with a failure tolerant and cut-resilient architecture. This met long-term system reliability needs and would provide detection and assessment of activities near critical “hot-spots.” An alert profile was designed for patterns of life providing ongoing situational awareness development.

For security and safety concerns, critical alert zones were generated for vehicle and personnel entry points to create sterile areas. Additional parameters were set to monitor surveillance activities. Integration routes to the existing video management solution and its cameras would provide validation of OptaSense’s “red” alert and target classification. Security officers then would be interacting in near real-time with the intruder drastically increasing site protection and personnel safety.
Moreover, OptaSense provides customized, long term support options for all customers by providing packages that combine both technical support and services management focused on system uptime, maintainability and life of asset.

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With the added value of OptaSense’s tuning and calibration engineering services the purpose-built alert zones provide detection and assessment with little to no false alarm rates (FARs). Furthermore, the consultative approach has reduced overall nuisance-alarm rates (NARs) with an industry-leading probability of detection (Pd).

Benefits to End Users

Today, the client is utilizing an intelligent perimeter edge device that provides assessment and instantaneous environmental monitoring. With this data, changes to security officer routes and schedules have provided in increases in productivity and cost savings, overall health and safety of authorized personnel and the public are overseen for safety and risk abatement and surreptitious behaviors are more quickly identified and mitigated.

Other benefits include:

  • Customized tuning and calibration
  • Cost-effective perimeter security solution
  • Detection and classification of targets
    • Parallel and perpendicular walking
    • Human stealth approach
    • Slow/fast moving vehicle approach
  • Day/night patterns of life monitoring
  • Failure tolerant architecture with hot spare and cut resiliency
  • Easily integrated into video management platform

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