Microseismic Monitoring

Enabling permanent borehole microseismic monitoring

OptaSense DAS can also enable permanent borehole microseismic monitoring, especially of those larger magnitude events that originate at existing fault locations. Because of the broad bandwidth and high dynamic range capabilities of OptaSense DAS technology, the large, low frequency seismic signals generated at existing fault locations can be accurately measured.

In deviated wells, the long-array sensing aperture enables geolocation of recorded microseismic events. This service also allows you to monitor cross well communications which can result in under and over stimulated stages. With this real-time insight, you can determine diversion techniques or alternate stage spacing, as well as to fine tune perforation designs for optimal cluster efficiency.

Did you know

For unrivaled performance in sensitivity, resolution and bandwidth, OptaSense offers the new ODH-4 interrogator unit. This 4th generation DAS recording system increases sensitivity over its predecessor by 6 dB—enabling increased production rates for VSP surveys, as well as a higher number of catalogued events for microseismic event detection. The increased sensitivity improves the signal to noise ratio providing much higher quality seismic.
Interrogator Unit

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