Security Systems

Technical limitations and environmental factors can impact the performance of many surveillance systems—leaving them vulnerable to infiltration. Ensure your borders and national assets are protected with a cost-effective surveillance system that identifies multiple threats reliably and in real time.
OptaSense Border and Military Security solutions strengthen security efforts by delivering real-time, actionable intelligence. Using advanced Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) technology, these solutions provide agents and field patrols a complete picture of the location, scale and type of threat detected—enabling rapid, more informed decisions that result in fast and efficient response mechanisms.

Detect, track, and classify a wide range of threats
  • Fence cutting, climbing and ladder activity
  • Personnel
  • Vehicles
  • Manual/mechanical digging
  • Stealth
Real-time protection for the length of your asset
  • Point locating capabilities with 10m accuracy
  • Provides continuous coverage
  • Performs in challenging environments and remote locations
  • Equipment redundancy and cut resilience options
  • Real-time, remote reporting
Seamless, cost-effective installation
  • Fence mounted, buried or hybrid installation
  • Eliminates infield maintenance requirements
  • Seamlessly connects to other sensors
  • Integrates with 3rd party interfaces
  • Low maintenance, low cost of ownership


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