Strength through partnership

OptaSense is committed to delivering value by collaborating with partners on delivering world-class, leading-edge solutions to the marketplace.
Partnering with OptaSense creates a unique opportunity for growth and business development by providing the opportunity to be an integral part of a proven business with a solid reputation.

Our successful technology portfolio has established a distinguished track record in innovation, technology and design. This portfolio is complimented by dedicated, global group of experts and resources committed to delivering quality support, timely delivery and operational performance.

Collaborating with our partners has established a global network of unique skills and experience which benefits end-customers around the world.

Did you know

OptaSense DAS technology is like The Earths Nervous System, leveraging fiber optic technology to monitor the pulse of industry operations around the world.

Our technology works by converting a standard telecommunications fiber optic cable into a network of virtual sensors capable of detecting and transmitting temperatures, pressures, strain and acoustic signals along the length of the fiber, at the speed of light.

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