Borders & Military

OptaSense technology saves soldiers lives by securing supply routes, protecting bases, detecting and localising unique threats, and reducing risk in all weather conditions.

Utilising fibre optic cable OptaSense provides vigilant monitoring of long lengths of road, operational areas or around critical sites – ensuring military personnel are constantly updated as to potential threats or intrusions in field operations.  The technology delivers comprehensive real-time alerts on movements, behaviours and any activity along the fibre length.

  • OptaSense® cost-effectively and reliably provides valuable intelligence to protect soldiers’ lives
  • Up to 40 kilometers of supply route/road can be protected by a single OptaSense Interrogator Unit
  • Field proven, economic technology

OptaSense is also being deployed along lengths of borders to deliver alerts on trafficking, smuggling, illegal entry and activity. It is often adopted into existing security infrastructures in order to enhance monitoring over longer distances, as a single OptaSense Interrogator Unit can act as a live listening sensor to cover over 40KM+ of border.