Webinar: Introduction of OptaSense OS6 Linear Asset Monitoring Software

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Introduction of OptaSense OS6 Linear Asset Monitoring Software


OptaSense proudly presents the 6th generation of our industry-leading software solution for distributed fiber-optic sensing monitoring for linear assets. Developed from the feedback from hundreds of deployments of engineers and systems across the globe with unprecedented feedback from clients, end-users and other stakeholders, OS6 is the last word in robust & secure data handling, analytics and system management. 

OS6 is a ground-breaking development with a complete overhaul of the GUI and a host of new features. This webinar will take you through the advanced new features available in OS6, including:

  • A simplified layout, making OS6 quicker and easier to use for first-time users. Advanced features remain familiar and accessible for existing users of previous versions.
  • Compatibility with QuantX – our latest fully quantitative long-range interrogator for new and exciting applications including integrated strain and temperature monitoring.
  • A new overview screen which brings all situational information together into a single integrated display.
  • In OS6, a huge new feature is our auto tuning algorithm approach. We’ve implemented both statistical and supervised machine learning into our architecture to move towards our goal of a “tuning free system” – this has a huge benefit for clients in reducing the length of time to final operating capability and achieving a predictable outcome.
  • Simplified Maintenance – from natural language errors to a range of feedback mechanisms and human understanding throughout, we’ve transformed all of the maintenance and reporting aspects to turn OS6 into a power user’s toolset for optimal installation management, with integrated support access when help is needed.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn how OS6 delivers a whole new experience putting the benefits of DAS data right into the user’s hands meaning more up time, more reliability and improved system performance.
  • Watch a demonstration of OS6 “in action” and learn how the advanced workflow GUI puts the operator at the heart of the action, driven by a new overview screen that puts all of the key information on single integrated display that helps you identify events quickly and accurately.
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