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OptaSense To Have Strong Presence at EAGE Geotech 2021 Workshop

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OptaSense To Have Strong Presence at EAGE Geotech 2021 Workshop


OptaSense will be well represented in the first EAGE Geophysical Monitoring Technology Conference and Exhibition being held as an online event March 1-4, 2021. The conference is dedicated to the use of geophysical monitoring solutions and technologies in a wide range of subsurface, reservoir and production challenges. EAGE GeoTech 2021 will bring together leading experts in geoscience, reservoir engineering, drilling and data science to tackle some of the major challenges facing the industry.

Dr. Andres Chavarria, Technical Director for OptaSense Oilfield Services, will be presenting on Monday, March 1, on Optimizing Distributed Sensing Measurements in Multi-well Acquisition – looking at performance characteristics of systems and how multiple wells can improve our understanding of the reservoir.

Secondly, Dr. Steve Cole, Manager Integrated Analytics, is also presenting on March 1, another great development – our recent development of a 3D MicroSeismic capabiltiy.  This builds on the purchase of the Sigma3 Gyro software and integration with Workbench – bringing a live capability to pick events in 3D in an automated way – bringing months of manual labor down to hours or days.

Finally, Paul Clarkson , Principal Algorithm Developer, is presenting on Tuesday, March 2,  an exciting update and first unveiling of the work OptaSense has carried out at Hollins Hill in a joint paper with the British Geologic Survey. The event marks the first occasion of a public presentation of the capabilities of Rayleigh DSS and Rayleigh DTS with some data on hillside failure.  A narration of the presentation can be viewed here.

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