OptaSense Provides Early Detection and Assessment Solution for Protecting Data Centers​

A data center

Fiber-Optic Monitoring System Enhances Security


  • Client Requirements
    • Detection and classification on targets
    • Covert Operation
    • Low NAR/FAR
    • Seamless integration to their VMS for operator assessment


Perimeter Intrusion Detection System:
  • Early detection and threat assessment
  • Integration into existing systems
  • Slow moving vehicle monitoring

Value Delivered:

  • Covert, intelligent early warning system
  • Improved perimeter security
  • Real-time detection of potential threats

Project Overview

Protecting information does not just require components of cyber or insider-threat mitigation. In today’s world, access control and physical security also play a key role in securing critical information for financial, medical, government, public infrastructure and private data center users.

Along with standard security protocol, including access control and reinforced gates and fencing, an OptaSense® client required an early detection and assessment system that was covert, had a high probability of detection and could be easily integrated into an existing camera and thermal detection systems.

Solution Deployment

To address the client’s needs, OptaSense’s Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) was selected. The OptaSense PIDS solution utilizes one strand of a single mode standard telecommunications fiber, installed along the perimeter of an asset, to monitor acoustic activity. Advanced algorithms detect the activity and classify any stealth approach, personnel, vehicles, or digging. When integrated to a camera system a “slew-to-cue” feature is exploited giving operators an immediate alert with visual validation of the classified activity.

OptaSense worked with the security integrator to meet the client’s requirements. A site survey was completed to validate unique topographical and environmental conditions. Advanced engineering work was completed to ensure the system design was accurate for detecting personnel, vehicles and digging at the client’s requested specifications and distances. Extensive engineering support was provided during the Site Acceptance Testing and Fine-Tuning phases of the deployment. This led to a successful commissioning and hand off to the client.

optasense software with waterfall and map

Benefits to the Customer

The implementation of the OptaSense solution provided the client with an intelligent early warning detection system.
Most importantly, the system allows proactive engagement with security on potential threats outside the fence before
they interact with any barriers.

Other benefits to the client are:

  • Classification and detection can be set up per 5-10m segments
  • Detection of slow driving along the perimeter
  • Verification of patterns of employee/pedestrian activities
  • Historical data logs of activity and alarms
  • Email notification with Google Maps™ location of an event or incident

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