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OptaSense Introduces DxS Browser 2.10

OptaSense, a QinetiQ company, is excited to announce the release of Version 2.10.0 of the OptaSense DxS Browser Visualization Software suite. The software allows users to easily integrate large distributed data sets into workflows, including 3D depth, time and measurement data, while managing quality control, analysis and interpretation.

This release provides a number of enhancements and bug fixes.

New features in the release include:

  • Event nomination and management capabilities – The user can specify events (points in time and location) on the waterfall displays and edit them. They are saved with the project.
  • H5 ProdML to CSVH converter – H5 ProdML to CSVH converter tools for FBE and Sensor data provided as default DxS plugins for users with plugin framework licences.
  • Pre-defined properties for categories of data – Allow the user to set up project default properties for categories of data (e.g. temperature or flow rate).
  • Shortened default pump curve names – The default curve names applied to the curves imported via the Pump Data Importer have been shortened to produce better layouts in report production.
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