Perimeter Security monitoring with OptaSense Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing Technology

OptaSense Awarded Contract to Protect Major International Border

OptaSense Ltd., part of the QinetiQ Group plc, a major UK-based defence and security contractor, has recently been awarded a contract to provide distributed fibre-optic monitoring along sections of a major international border. “We are proud to have been selected to provide our monitoring solution,” said James Pollard, OptaSense CEO, “The selection process included intense scrutiny of our technology and clearly demonstrated the superior value delivered by the OptaSense solution. We look forward to continued expansion of our border monitoring program through the delivery of new features and capabilities for our clients in Europe and across the globe”.

The OptaSense fiber-optic monitoring solution converts a standard telecoms fiber optic cable into an array of distributed sensors capable of detecting changes in pressure, temperature, stress and acoustics. Using advanced algorithms, the Linear Ground Detection System can classify and locate activities such as people, vehicle movement, low flying aircraft, digging, gunfire and many other events. OptaSense systems are currently protecting significant sections of the Schengen border throughout Europe.

To learn more about the OptaSense border monitoring solution CLICK HERE.

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