Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage (CCUS) is central to future Green Energy and OptaSense’s commitment to environmentally friendly technologies.

OptaSense services deliver cost-effective advanced monitoring solutions at all stages of a Carbon Sequestration project, including site evaluation, feasibility, borehole cementing, injection or capture and usage.

Since 2011, OptaSense has acquired and analyzed Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) site data for a variety of clients. In many of those cases, the tracking of the subsurface CO2 plume size is of utmost importance in order to ensure optimal Carbon storage over time. CO2 injection is measured along the deployed fiber optic cable in the borehole providing injected gas volumes by depth. Over time the subsurface CO2 plume volume and gas flood movement can be reliably tracked with OptaSense’s industry-leading time-lapse 2D/3D/VSP seismic acquisition and processing technologies.

Use of distributed fiber optic sensing technology also enables reliable mitigation of potential site risks through early detection of unwanted upward migration through a cap-rock, unknown fault systems, casing leaks, or unintentional fracturing of the reservoir. OptaSense’s vast experience in collecting and analyzing distributed strain and distributed acoustic data for diverse range of end users, provides proven and adaptable solutions for both carbon capture usage and carbon capture storage applications.

CO2 Tracking Solutions

CO2 Sequestration performance is analyzed from Distributed Acoustic and Distributed Temperature measurements taken from a fiber-optic cable installed in a borehole.

Active source seismic produces time-lapse snapshots:

• CO2 plume extent and movement over time
• Cap-rock seal integrity

CO2 Plume Changes Shown Over Time

Passive monitoring during or after injection:

• Injection flow behavior through in-well measurements
• Induced seismicity fault activation by microseismic event detection
• Casing or formation leaks the near-well

Track Depths Where CO2 Are Injected

Your Trusted Partner

OptaSense, the industry pioneer in distributed fiber-optic sensing, is known for providing innovative solutions for where performance and reliability or key to deliver real-time intelligence to reduce risk and optimize asset performance. The Carbon Capture and Usage and Carbon Capture and Storage markets are constantly progressing and OptaSense is providing cutting-edge expertise and services !

Working with end users either during research and development, site selection, injection or reservoir monitoring phases, OptaSense provides adaptable data acquisition paired with unparalleled expertise in data analysis.

Benefits to End User

Increased Flexibility:
• Utilize installed legacy fibers (standard or enhanced)
• Temporarily install in observation wells
• Deploy high-sensitivity specialty fibers and cables
• DAS interrogator and acquisition software allows real-time analysis

Reduced Cost:
• Feasibility studies, data acquisition and analysis as a bundle

Uncompromising Quality:
• Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing technology
• Expert application and analysis teams

Ready to Optimize Your Carbon Sequestration Project?

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