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Rely on a team of dedicated experts

With years of experience processing data from complex geological environments, our experts apply advanced algorithms and methods to solve complex processing and imaging challenges.

The Team

Our borehole seismic services group comprises experts in borehole seismic processing and imaging. The team, working together for more than 15 years, consists of borehole seismic processing and R&D groups.

They apply both commercial and proprietary software for VSP and microseismic processing, and collaborate on the development of new tools as needed to meet emerging demands

Proprietary Software

Our experts leverage a library of borehole seismology software that includes a variety of modules for VSP and microseismic analysis. These modules, including our depth imaging tools and specialized algorithms are fit-for-purpose, ensuring a processing solution that addresses both production engineering and geoscience survey objectives.

Our processing solutions can handle large 3D data sets. When paired with our expert understanding of borehole seismic and traditional pressing methods, our experts rapidly create and apply specialized algorithms. Our software library provides a variety of modules that apply proprietary algorithms for the
analysis of 1D, 2D, 3D and 4D VSP data, including microseismic data. These modules have proven successful in a multitude of projects, and undergo a continuous improvement process driven by highly experienced geoscientists, mathematicians and software developers.

In addition to the standard set of borehole seismic processing methods, we utilize algorithms and software tools, such as true-amplitude multi-component Kirchhoff pre-stack depth migration, wave equation depth migration, multiple migrations, interferometric imaging, interferometric salt proximity estimations, near well interferometric seismic imaging and micro-seismic event imaging.

Aside from greatly reducing our project deployment time, this advanced software framework allows our team of experts to rapidly prototype novel algorithms and ideas. This ingenuity has resulted in several cooperative technology development endeavors that tailor our tools to particular client needs.

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