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High Backscatter Fiber Improves DAS Performance

OptaSense, the industry leader in Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) solutions, has integrated the latest high backscatter optical fiber technology with its industry leading DAS interrogators for unparalleled downhole measurement performance.

Combining high backscatter fiber with OptaSense’s DAS interrogator unit delivers the best possible sensitivity, resolution and signal to noise ratio delivering high-fidelity measurements:

  • Enhanced seismic data acquisition
  • Improved production monitoring
  • Increased microseismic event detection and count
  • More sensitive strain measurements for detection of frac hits

The unique high backscatter fiber used by OptaSense provides a continuous amplification of the DAS signal, enabling flexibility in setting measurement parameters in the field, including channel spacing and gauge length.

This flexibility to optimize interrogator parameters to the specific physical processes in the well and reservoir is an important departure from the restrictions that other commercially available enhanced fibers have in terms of pre-set gauge lengths and channel spacing.

Demonstration of the technology has been conducted in wellbores by comparing the performance of high-backscatter and standard single-mode fibers. This comparison was made with the shortest gauge length typically used in fracture monitoring applications. The enhanced backscatter fiber results in clear seismic signals with reduced background noise and improved signal fidelity.

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