Pipeline Monitoring

Prevent and detect leaks in real time

Detecting pipeline leaks is a high priority but can be difficult to achieve without the right systems in place. Although there have been several developments in pipeline monitoring technology, many systems have limitations that leave pipelines vulnerable to leakage, damage and theft.

Overcoming these limitations often results in the installation of multiple, cost-prohibitive systems to effectively monitor various leak scenarios. But it doesn’t have to.

OptaSense raises the bar by delivering a single system that detects smaller leaks faster and more reliably, while simultaneously monitoring for third-party interference and other external pipeline threats in order to prevent leaks altogether.

Get more from a single system

Detect, locate and classify multiple threats in real time, along the full extent of your pipeline, with the OptaSense pipeline monitoring system.

Instead of relying on computational assumptions, this system uses distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) technology to transform a standard telecommunication fiber optic cable into a fully distributed sensor capable of detecting the physical characteristics of a leak, including changes in noise, temperature, pressure and ground strain—simultaneously and in real time. The integration of these four modes into a single leak detection system not only provides improved sensitivity, it delivers the reliability required to identify and validate leaks faster and with more confidence.

Once connected to OptaSense equipment (installed every 80km), this pipeline monitoring system monitors the entire pipeline and surrounding facilities, providing uninterrupted and secure data updates continuously, across each 10m of fiber. This means you can detect the presence and location of very small leaks in a matter of minutes, while protecting critical infrastructure from external threats that can lead to substantial damage and loss.

With the OptaSense pipeline monitoring system, you can rely on a single solution that fortifies your overall integrity management program by ensuring threats to your pipeline are predicted and averted.

One system, multi-threat detection

The OptaSense pipeline monitoring system offers a variety of detector applications to monitor leaks, right of way and third-party interference, goehazards, theft, critical infrastructure and inline inspection tools in real time, from a single operating system.

One system, lower installation costs

With a single operating system, you eliminate unnecessary spend on redundant hardware, so you can invest in acquiring what matters most—the real-time information required for optimal pipeline management.

One system, flexible design

Pipelines stretching long distances require a system that can easily adapt to regional requirements and regulations. The OptaSense pipeline monitoring system offers you the flexibility to customize a monitoring solution with detector applications that satisfy the specific demands of your pipeline environment.

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OptaSense is therefore able to deliver a solution that combines both security and highly responsive monitoring to bring about total pipeline assurance.