Join us at URTeC 2019 July 22-24 in booth 541 to learn more about our Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing (DFOS) and how it helps you monitor cluster efficiency and cross-well strain in real time to optimize fracture stimulation and reservoir understanding.
Our DFOS technology offers borehole seismic acquisition, hydraulic fracture profiling and production flow monitoring in real time, from a single system. Using Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) technology, this system enables operators to characterize the reservoir, ensure successful completion operations, monitor fracture performance and cluster efficiency, and optimize future well designs.

Stop by and see us to learn more about our real-time cluster efficiency or read more about our capabilities online.

Spotlight Capabilities

Our DFOS provides reservoir insight for the life of an asset. From characterizing the reservoir to profiling fracture completions and monitoring production levels in real time, these applications enable critical decisions to be made faster and with confidence. Discover more about the capabilities we will spotlight in our booth.

Distributed fiber optic sensing enables uniform fracture stimulation

Studies have shown that plug-and-perf completions often produce under-performing perforation clusters and undesired inter-well communication. To address under-performing perforation clusters, operators are combining fiber optic DAS and DTS measurements to calculate the amount of fluid and proppant placed in each cluster on the fly to enable optimized decision-making throughout a project ensure more effective fracturing on current and future wells.


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