Oil Field Services

Our Oil Field Services (OFS) group is based in Calgary and Houston. With a dedicated team of experienced field engineers supported by a group of qualified Petroleum Engineers and Geophysicists, we provide an unrivalled DAS service capability.

Intelligent Completions

Acquisition of DAS and DTS measurements along with pump and surface gauge information enables us to provide detailed real-time observations of well operations, including hydrofrack treatments, and the continuous monitoring of flow during production.

Seismic Acquisition – Vertical Seismic Profiling

OptaSense can interface with a range of source controllers to provided synchronised acquisition, enabling real-time correlation and stacking of shots and the production of SEG-Y / SEG-D files with fully populated headers. Furthermore, on-line secure access to the data as it is produced enables it to be remotely assessed and quality controlled.

Production Monitoring

Permanent production flow logging is now possible using DAS with fibre installed on casing or tubing with measurements taken on a continuous basis or at regular intervals using our drive-by acquisition service.

Health, Safety and Environment

HSE is our top priority. All staff undergo thorough and continuous HSE training. OptaSense is part of ISNetworld and we hold a workplace safety Certificate of Recognition. We have a robust contractor selection process and are therefore able to executes all aspects of the contracts under our own HSE Management System (MS), providing the necessary instructions and supervision while verifying the proper functioning of our HSE-MS. Our HSE-MS program was built with consideration to the OGP guidelines, Enform best practices and IAGC. Our field operations create Daily Activity Reports (DAR’s) and they are submitted and compiled to create a Global HSE statistical report. We also utilize a live Global online QHSE Incident / Accident reporting system to ensure open communications and the success of our daily operations.