Critical Site Security

Our nations depend upon their strategic assets; they are the underpinning infrastructure that enables our security, energy and economic growth and demand the most stringent security measures. There is no room for error.

Nuclear, water, energy and communications facilities deliver the resources that are central to our daily well-being requiring a comprehensive range of security measures that go beyond conventional protection to embrace cost-effective transformational technology that can monitor and even prevent events before they occur.

OptaSense has operations in more than 40 countries worldwide and has been selected by national governments to provide critical protection to the most important of strategic sites, at multiple locations. Following extensive tests and trials OptaSense technology has been consistently selected for its:

  • Complete system robustness and reliability – yet relative ease of deployment
  • Exceptional responsiveness and immediate classification capability – along with very low false alarm rates
  • Economic post-installation operation and ability to compliment other security technologies